Ronnie Blue
At The Pond

Ronnie Blue‘s a brand new name and face but he’s got something scintillating to tune into right out of the gate. “At The Pond” is as polished of a debut track as you’ll find, surely in large part due fellow Virginian, Cole Young of Vacation Manor notoriety on the production.

The contents of this song feel just as reflective as you would expect someone to be when they are walking aimlessly in the woods and stumble into a clearing with the most beautiful body of water you’ve ever seen. The scene is set by the electric guitar melody walking us down the path, and it is followed up by imagery of a trip that was well spent out in nature. At The Pond has the perfect distant sound that comes with my favorite indie rock songs, and it ushers in a release of emotion that always comes when reconnecting to your true self.

To add icing to the cake; the cover art is perfectly mysterious, the Spotify canvas is equal amounts goofy as it is a vibe, and Ronnie Blue has officially emerged onto the scene with your next favorite underground indie song. With more music planned for release soon, we are witnessing his rise to stardom from the front row.

Produced By

Cole Young

Release Date

May 19, 2023



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