Goodluck Rylie
Wish You The Best

Goodluck Rylie is a West Coast enigma, with roots stemming from Northern California and more recently sprouting in Los Angeles. His second ever single, and his first since 2020, “Wish You The Best” is the beginning of something special. He’s got plans of releasing a song towards the end of each forthcoming month this year and this sugar sweet pop tune kicks it all off.

“Wish You The Best” is a perspective-shattering take on embracing regret. He’s like a pack of trident layers; on the surface, you get crisp delivery and underneath, there’s a hint of abstraction. It’s Goodluck Rylie’s gift for transformation – for carving a razor-sharp vocal into a breathless interlude – that leaves you feeling haunted. The best part is, that ghost looks unique to each listener. Goodluck Rylie keeps his lyrics stoically blunt, stroking chords of corporeal emotion and conjuring up familiar faces from our past. He’s pushing an undercurrent of subliminal rumination that is otherwise lacking in pop. With beats that voyage through uncharted waters and lyrics that are tunnel-visioned and to the point, Goodluck Rylie is an artist to keep at the top of your radar.

Produced By

Travis Heidelman

Release Date

May 26, 2023


Ojai, CA

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