Jeffrey Eli
Sleeping Beauty

Every once in what feels like a million years, you come across a song that leaves you speechless, wanting to physically stop everything you’re doing post-listen for at least 5 minutes as you sit in silence, staring at the ceiling trying to process the ingenious masterpiece you had the pleasure of hearing. For me, that’s “Sleeping Beauty”, from 22-year-old Jeffrey Eli, who’s been posting himself singing online since the vine days a decade ago.

The moment of hearing a song so fascinating, and needing a “post” silence is something as rare as getting struck by lightning a dozen times. Dare I say, Jeffrey did it more than that through the duration of the song, whether through the phenomenal lyrical capabilities, insane vocal range or stellar production.

Your heart feels a slow comfortable tug on the strings, until 1:41 where they feel incredibly pulled on, in the most touching way possible. The story Jeffrey tells in “Sleeping Beauty” isn’t one I couldn’t give justice through in this writing piece, it’s something so incredible vulnerable, and special that I encourage anyone reading to listen themselves and interpret. Run to Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever DSP and listen. Now.

Produced By

Jake Weinberg, Jeffrey Eli & Jacob Geoffrey

Release Date

May 23, 2023



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