Thank Allah

More times than not, when there’s a new rapper sprouting up out of Florida, you can make a pretty good inference on what he/she’s going to sound like. But Niontay is one of the exceptions. Staying close to fellow Floridian 454 but also working with the likes of MIKE, Niontay has found himself a starting fanbase of people looking for something a little bit different sound than the rest but at the same time, Niontay’s got the kind of potential that can really take a sound that’s different but give it some mainstream appeal. He shows that a bit on “Thank Allah”, which is the standout off his new EP ‘Dontay’s Inferno’. The way he makes this one work without any drums just makes you feel like he could flow over literally anything, whether that be a trap beat, a boom-bap beat, a lo-fi beat, or straight radio silence, Niontay could probably catch a flow over it.

We’re real curious to see where things go from here and especially after this EP, he’s gotten some attention from Pitchfork, Fader and more, thus it’s surely up from here.

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April 7, 2023



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