Jae Luna
better outside f. chris moon

It’s quite impossible to pin one genre on a song like this. Southern California native Jae Luna has reached expert levels of genre amalgamation – something that comes as a product of being immersed in music his whole life, and classically trained not only as a singer but as a pianist. But you wouldn’t know it by listening to his glitchy new song “better outside”. It’s that entrancing synth arpeggio loop that has this song spinning around my head like a fidget spinner. Toplined by fitting falsetto flows and contrasting, distorted vocal moments, this song really finds its legs sonically. With a bigger project slated for a bit later in the year, this song is a great entry-point into a real meticulous creative just trying to make some beautiful music.

Produced By

Jae Luna, chris moon & Daniel Chae

Release Date

May 26, 2022


Orange County, CA

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