Rose Paradise
I Want You

Rose Paradise is bringing what finally feels like an authentic take of the indie sleaze era circa 2012, sonically in 2023. The crossroad between Lana Del Rey, Clairo, and Alex G, Rose carves her own name in the sand with her second single, “I Want You”.

Rose’s sound lives in this beach-y, relaxed environment but also swells of straightforward themes. Her voice has a familiar intimacy that takes up the perfect amount of space in “I Want You” snugging the production, rather than leaving it astray. Her refreshing take in the indie genre feels like an introduction to a much bigger picture on her end, her world. Rose’s voice is like the swinging, palm-sized clock that hypnotizes you. Her lyrics feel straight out of her black and white meshed composition book she handwrites in, and hides under her bed too. The imagery she creates with her lyrics and production feel carefully curated, and nothing seems “just there.”

Rose Paradise is definitely someone to keep on the lookout for 2023.

Produced By

Gianluca Buccellati

Release Date

June 16, 2023


Bay Area, CA

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