Valhalla EP

When artists say they blend alt-rock and hip hop what you expect is probably the orthodox execution of Splice guitar loops and trap drums, to which you do a fake nod of affirmation to- Psychi begs to differ. Living within those two genres, the execution of them feels like an open door… finally. There’s not really an artist that Psychi could be placed in parallel with, he took an unprecedented approach to the merge of the trendy.

Psychi’s EP, VALHALLA has a dark wave feel to it, but in a way that of course, hasn’t been done before. It doesn’t feel like the drenched in eyeliner, wearing all dark colors aesthetic that feels worn to the rip. The whole EP has an edgy tone that feels like a satisfying piece of glass shattering on cement.

Psychi’s production feels reminiscent of 90s alternative with tasteful modern speckles. He sits in a lane that can often feel obviously carved out by others, and not the artist themselves. It feels as if he rebutted that, and picked out exactly what he wanted, and how he wanted it. Perhaps Psychi’s authenticity has a mysterious film, but his sonic environment doesn’t fail to come across as distinct as soon as you’re 2 songs in.

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April 7, 2023



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