Matilda Lyn
A Bowl of Unripe Fruit

If the word whimsical had a song to go alongside, without a doubt Matilda Lyn’s debut single, “A Bowl of Unripe Fruit” would be a more than suitable fit. Matilda’s vocal tone tugs inspiration from Gracie Abrams, Aurora, and Noah Kahan. A sort of folky, dreamy feel but not in a nostalgic way, her entrance onto DSP’s feels like an elegant stride, and totally new. Plucked out of Gothenburg, Sweden, a country that’s consistently given us a wide breadth of different musical talent, there’s a lot more whimsy in store from the newcomer.

As the interpolation of folk makes its way further into the mainstream, Matilda is one that clearly shines on such a stage. Her lyricism isn’t overcomplicated, and most importantly, doesn’t require a search bar. In “Bowl of Unripe Fruit,” Matilda gently tells us how it is, behind simple plucked strings, a true test to see if the lyricism stands up. And it does.

The whole song sorts trickles down your spine, as you consume the hypnotizing melodies Matilda offers in the song. We cannot wait to see what Matilda has in store for 2023 and beyond.

Produced By

Matilda Lyn

Release Date

June 21, 2023



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