Dawn Park

The story of Dawn Park, a duo composed of childhood friends Zach Aumueller and Colin Reilly, begins with a loop pedal in a New York apartment. It was here Aumueller caught the genesis for opening track “What It Was” off their freshly released Petaluma EP. After sending the melody over to Reilly, the two knew they had something special and busted out the track through the early hours of the morning. It’s this scrappy seed of passion and ability to extract beauty from a void that makes Dawn Park unlike any other.

Their debut Petaluma EP is swimming with soul-striking riffs, feverish frenzies of bass, and a smooth, translucent vocal that skates the pavement. Dawn Park is striking a vein between Surf Rock and New York Indie; leaning into the nostalgia that fuels these movements and tracing it back to their own roots. Dawn Park finds the intersection of inspiration and originality by using the core memories that built them as kids to inform this gold strike of authenticity they’ve found with Petaluma.

Produced By

Zach Aumueller

Release Date

June 29, 2023


New York, NY

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