Lucy Tun

We get so inundated with the overnight success stories that often times even when an artist has been putting in years of hard work to earn that big career shifting moment, that effort is glossed over. While Lucy Tun isn’t quite going viral just yet, Tik Tok has added quite the kickstart to her ear-wormy new banger “ADHD”.

Lucy’s been releasing music since 2018, originally under the moniker “LCYTN”, but with age comes the appreciation of grammar and vowels. It’s those years of making mass amount of music, producing Doing, keeping her hands in as many musical creative endeavors as possible that has led to Lucy finding her own sound, that’s pretty damn undeniable. It’s tough to put her sound in a genre box, but if you’re a fan of Pinkpantheress, Willow Kayne and other UK artists melding the worlds of pop with drum & bass, electronic music and so much more, I think you’re going to really like this.

It’s hard to avoid synesthesia with “ADHD” and Tun’s music as a whole, it raves off of this chaotic, bright colored sonic environment that so clearly presents itself with lively lyrics, and fun flow. Nothing feels forced at all, it feels like a genuine take on the Y2K sonic and aesthetic comeback. You find your brain bouncing from wall to wall in a controlled manner with “ADHD” and at least a quiet smirk appears on your face with Lucy’s music. She is so fun, and the energy is perfect for this summer, and ones to come.

Produced By

J.a.r.j & Lucy Tun

Release Date

June 28, 2023


London, UK

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