Ari Morgan
Cover & Ojay

Amidst the shifting nature of the current alt R&B scene, Ari Morgan is a hidden gem offering a simple, yet powerful approach to his music. There’s nothing complicated about Morgan’s first two singles ‘Cover’ and ‘Ojay.’ Both feature reverb-laden guitar loops that repeat throughout, with dashes of percussive elements and ear candy thrown in here and there. However, these simple, ambient instrumentals create the perfect backdrop for Morgan to croon and tug at the listener’s heartstrings, akin to a track off Frank Ocean’s magnum opus ‘Blonde.’

Not much is publicly known about Morgan, with no interviews or information available online, but the music speaks for itself. Play his tracks to feel warmth and love, or longing and desire, whatever romantic feelings your heart wishes. The textured vocals that float in and out tell personal, yet relatable anecdotal snippets on love and relationships. Somehow, Morgan manages to balance freshness and nostalgia remarkably well, and it will be intriguing to see how this sound develops with further releases.

Produced By

Ari Morgan & Reid Morgan

Release Date

April 7, 2023 & June 23, 2023



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