Juliet Ivy

What even is a hyperpop ballad? If I had to associate a song with the so-called niche song structure, it’d be “lug” by Juliet Ivy. Executed perfectly, the singer delivers an incredible juxtaposition between ethereal somber with a faster pace rhythm/ flow. Juliet gives an honesty that often feels uncomfy and overbearing. Whether that’d be facing the consequences of your decisions to shutting everything off until you finally do, Juliet nails down this concept perfectly in “lug”.

Not wanting to go “there” is a painfully obvious consequence of constant ignorance that eventually lugs and lugs, which Juliet narrates in plain sight for us. Though this song might not be the typical “indie rock banger, coming of age song” you hear at the of a mid 2010s coming of age movie, it certainly is a coming of age song, and a beautiful take on it. No one can say otherwise. Juliet’s story telling is a second nature for her; superb, and understandable. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for the latter half of 2023!!

Produced By

Charlie Kurata

Release Date

June 30, 2023


New York, NY

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