Autumn Boy

Let me take one sentence or two here to gloat about ourselves, because Autumn Boy is not particularly a new face here on Fashionably Early. We covered the Las Vegan first back in 2020 with a song he released called “LET DOWN” that is still his biggest song to date, partially due to our coverage (there’s the gloat). But prior to this new release “Clover” Autumn had only released 3 songs in total, so it’s not like there was a load of competition either.

And now it’s time to put Autumn Boy back on everyone’s radar who paid attention to our 2020 post as well as everyone who’s completely unaware of his existence until reading this very post. “LET DOWN” was back when he was 17-years-old, so do some quick maths, the now 20-year-old has gotten miles and miles better at every part of his trade. It was clear then that he was blessed with a gruff, textured voice, that fits idyllically into the type of music he’s making. It’s almost a brakence-esque voice that just naturally fills up this type of a an alternative leaning musical canvas perfectly.

Self-producing, self-engineering, doing it all himself out of his bedroom, Autumn Boy is still experimenting, finding himself and finding his sound but there’s so much gold baked inside this new song “Clover”. The lead single off his forthcoming debut EP, Autumn Boy finds magic on this one; in the form of a catchy synth riff that ties each verse and every different vocal delivery he tries together. It’s that melody i’ve got repeating in my head, that has me hitting replay on this song over and over again. It feels like not only the sky is the limit for him, but bounds far past what the sky can even hold, and we’re excited to follow along for the ride. And hopefully we can help kickstart process for a truly talented individual.

Produced By

Autumn Boy

Release Date

June 28. 2023


Las Vegas, NV

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