New Yorker Blaize Jenkins is Ascending at Lightning Speed Thanks to a Chance Viral Moment

The term “overnight sensation” tends to get thrown around frequently, and often in a very figurative sense. In the case of New York-based Blaize Jenkins, this term could not be applied more literally. A few days ago, I stumbled on a TikTok in which people were being approached in New York City’s Washington Square Park asking if they made music. The creator kept looking for someone until the camera fell on Blaize, who enthusiastically agreed to let the creator play a snippet of his penultimate release “Phases” at the end of the video.

Absolutely enthralled by his ethereal vocals and guitar riffs, I ran to Spotify to see him sitting at around 150 monthly listeners and 1,000 streams on the song. Blaize’s addictive sound lingered in my head all day, and when I went back to listen the next day, his monthly listener count had jumped to over 20,000, and as I am writing this the day after that, has reached 82,000 monthly listeners.

Blaize has been releasing music for around five years, and has demonstrated not only an incredible growth in his body of work, but also in the diversity of his discography. His most recent release, a double single with a heart-wrenching acoustic ballad, “Interlude”, is paired with a striking and fully instrumental piece, “Mid-Winter”. All of his releases are tied together by his distinctive way of incorporating compelling synths in with his delicate, intentional lyrics and timbre of his voice.

As his Instagram and Spotify listener counts have continued to grow exponentially in a mere couple days, Blaize is already getting to work on sharing his next release with the world, who is clearly becoming ever-excited to hear him, a three song project coming out on July 20th. Blaize’s distinctive, yet comforting and self-assured sound has taken the world by storm and one thing is clear – Blaize Jenkins knows it’s time for his voice to be heard and he’s prepared to keep these newfound eyes on him for the foreseeable future and beyond. Do you make music? #doyoumakemusic #discoveringartistsirl #Undergroundmusic #newmusicfriday #musiccurator #sweettrip #indie #singersongwriter #musicproducer #indieartist #indiemusician ♬ original sound – Area