cameron lane

Lyrics you can scream to, guitar chords you can hum to, bass lines you can headbang and toss your hair to – what’s not to love about indie rock newcomer cameron lane and her latest release “Real.” By way of Greensboro, North Carolina, cameron is enrolled in the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and cutting her teeth in the basement/DIY show scene across the Northeast. Stemming from early childhood interests in artists like Taylor Swift, My Chemical Romance, and pulling reference from recent standout acts like Samia and Beabadoobee, the blends of sonics in cameron’s music makes something innately familiar with added new school freshness.

“Real” finds cameron lane at her savviest on all fronts, with coy lyrics with plenty of moments to chant in a sweaty sub 100-cap venue, cameron’s 4-piece band of classmates building the perfect tension through the verses, and the energy rips off the roof of the song through the chorus. cameron’s voice flutters between tongue-in-cheek talking, easily gliding through notes, runs through some tasty bedroom indie rock fuzz, hits and holds some wailing high notes ready for the crowd to meet her up there for the release of energy. If you ever wanted to have that “day one fan” moment for artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Ethel Cain, or Snail Mail, there is plenty room on the cameron lane bandwagon – just save me a seat near the front.

Produced By

cameron lane

Release Date

July 4, 2023


Greensboro, NC

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