Tommy Fleece

At this particular time, I find myself unable to stay away from the indie-sleaze, heavily vocal-processed sound that, to my content, is becoming increasingly welcomed by a wider audience. If you’re anything like me, then Detroit up-and-comer Tommy Fleece’s latest single “Tethered” will ring through your head for days to come. 

A vigorous trailblazer of the next generation of the bright and bustling Detroit music scene, Tommy has been in the game for a few years, and with each release becomes more solidified in his uniquely progressive sound. Tommy is an Assemble Sound’s studio resident, a program in which a group of forward-thinking artists are given the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and grow with each other, which has without a doubt continued to provide an incredible creative outlet and community for him to uphold. 

If you took a quintessential Crystal Castles track, slowed it down and added some placid guitar chords, that’s where “Tethered” would sit. Its accompanying music video perfectly puts to visual the dichotomy of the song itself, showing Tommy in various rural locations and encompasses a typically “American” aesthetic, which provides an engrossing viewing experience alongside the other-worldly sounds. This year has unfolded to be a massive year for Tommy, with “Tethered” being his captivating third single of 2023, and he’s coming up on a supporting show for poptropicaslutz! in his hometown. If one thing is clear following this release, Tommy Fleece is here to stay and prepared to make his mark on the world.

Produced By

Tommy Fleece

Release Date

July 11, 2023


Detroit, MI

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