TALK2MUCH (Mixtape)

The juxtaposing lifestyle’s of a corporate, “regular” job and DJ/ music producer are both a second-nature to JEV. While JEV creates ear-wormy, brain-tingling and head-bopping electronic hits like “DREAMER,” what’s not to dismiss is the fact that at some office in NYC, at 10am, he’s clocked in doing the norm, but not for an artist.

Starting JEV in his freshman dorm, Jack has since been leading the sonic growth of the project, while his pal Marc expands the visual one. “Don’t mix friends with business,” the almost extinct saying exhausted by the likes of econ professors, parents and siblings who live in metropolitan cities. The exception? Them. An oasis of primary colors, meddling with a sort of late 90s, Microsoft feel, JEV’s visuals blend perfectly with the music, mixtures of House, RnB UK Garage and occasional pop influence.

‘TALK2MUCH’, JEV’s latest release is a haven of head-bopping, metered fidget tapping, or even timing out your types on the computers keys so they fit the rhythm. A combination of Calvin Harris, salute, John Summit and Disco Lines, JEV pulls influence from them, but draws his own colorful line with his rhythmic, sample, and harmonic choices. We can’t wait to see what he’s up to in 2023.

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April 5, 2023


Bay Area, CA

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