Natalie Madigan
6 Strings

Just a day before releasing her new single “6 Strings”, I stumbled on a snippet of Natalie Madigan’s new track while browsing on my Tik Tok FYP and immediately knew it was something special. Making self-coined “psychedelic angel pop,” Madigan draws in a washed-out riff, dark undertow of harmonies, and a whistle that sounds straight out of the Salem witch trials for a mix that’s irresistible. Captured galavanting through an indigo-skied field, Madigan pairs the chorus of “6 Strings” with an effortlessly infectious dance sequence that’s making her comments section say, “I thought this was Lana.” Apparently, that was only just the beginning.

Now with the full track out, Madigan is riding high on a wave of occult atmospherics with the propensity to infiltrate the mainstream. With her Nashville-native intrinsic sense for songwriting and alluring array of aesthetic influences, “6 Strings” is what culture has been craving.

Produced By

Natalie Madigan, Jon Buscema & Ben Didelot

Release Date

July 20, 2023


Nashville, TN

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