Filipino rapper Ez Mil just became the first artist Dr. Dre & Eminem have signed together in 20 years as he inks a deal with Shady/Aftermath

Music to us Americans has steadily been becoming more and more global. There’s the obvious examples like Bad Bunny, BTS and J Balvin being among the biggest artists in America and globally but it’s far from stopping there. The globalization of music is furthering itself day by day and especially in a landscape of music where it’s really tough to find new artists that truly feel unique, it’s consistently proving to be artists from the other side of the world that are combining their home country’s flair and a bevy of other worldly influences to concoct a sound that feels fresh, such as in the case of Ez Mil.

The 25-year-old rapper from the Philippines just signed a deal with Shady/Aftermath in a joint deal with Interscope and Virgin Music, being the first artist that Dr. Dre and Eminem have signed together since Stat Quo back in 2003 and 50 Cent in 2002. Ez Mil has already made a good bit of noise in his home country, and some over here as well. His biggest moment being a viral performance in 2021 of his song “Panalo” with LA’s Wish 107.5 FM radio station. A Filipino based station out of the US that also has one of the most watched YouTube channels back home in the Philippines.

But it wasn’t until the release of his song “Up Down” a bit earlier this year that really set things off and sparked this deal happening. The song and video are the perfect amalgamation of how multi-talented Ez Mil is and how hard he’s worked to sharpen his sword in so many different areas. The track kicks off with sharp raps, and if you come into the video not knowing anything about Ez Mil you would never guess that he wasn’t American. The song then shifts into a real catchy hook, combined with a choreographed dance routine that truly proves that this man’s not a one trick pony. And there’s singing bits sprinkled in the verses showing off that he can truly harmonize and sing too.

And of course, we’ll be getting a brand new song from Ez Mill with a feature from Eminem very soon. August 11th to be exact.