Imogen Valentine
Bad Friends With Benefits

Although the draining ex-situationship character Imogen Valentine describes within the first line of her debut single “Bad Friends With Benefits” moves on in 30 seconds, listeners of this surely won’t move on.

Often times a pop-coined debut single stays in the conformity of hand-picked guitar arpeggios, palm-muted guitar, and the occasional kick-drum for “oomph,” Imogen begs to differ. Delivering a bold, dance-y, almost 80s beat, with eccentric lyricism and pokes to “player” character, she tells it straight. Perhaps what shines through the most in her debut, “Bad Friends With Benefits”, is her confidence, that glimmers start to finish. There is definitely no doubt of inauthenticity through and through.

Imogen’s debut singe seems reminiscent of a Maisie Peters, UPSAHL and Dua Lipa merge. It screams of pure pop, the missing piece for a 2010s, neon-colored, nostalgic summer. It’s the type of song you scream into your hairbrush with, the type you pre-game with, and the one your friends scramble to get the Spotify QR code or share link for.

We can’t wait to see what she gets up to in the new year.

Produced By

Paul Visser

Release Date

July 21, 2023


London, UK

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