mTwenty & Reggi Condos
road runner

I feel like there’s no other way to describe mTwenty and Reggi Condos collaboration on “road runner”, other than with this: blue raspberry flavored slurpy brain freeze. The tasteful choices of glitchy synths, Reggi’s bold cadence, and little flicks of “wtf just happened” are a constant. Your brain freezes at moments, trying to figure out the song’s influences. If assumptions had to be made, it would be a mesh of SOPHIE, Yeat, and Son Lux. All wildly different, but all loved by a common crowd.

mTwenty’s production feels bold, yet perfectly catered to the essence of the song (whatever mantra you decide to put on it). He is tasteful, and Reggi is too. “Road runner” is not your average summer bop, but that’s what makes it perfect. It’s unexpected. And whether you know it or not, it’ll sneakily make its way to your favorite “gate kept” playlist, denoting its uniqueness and specialness. We can’t wait to see what this duo has in store for 2023!

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Release Date

July 28, 2023


New York, NY

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