Trap Dickey
Blue Devils

It was a Tik Tok of Trap Dickey’s latest release “Blue Devils” that caught my attention immediately. Atop a tough flip of a Tina Turner classic, Dickey’s just got such a natural cadence that sounds hard without even paying attention to a word he’s saying. Which is the beauty and magic of what the South Carolina native is doing, he could just be talking about sticks, money and bitches and it’d still be hard. But Dickey’s really saying something in these songs, talking about his life his struggles as well as his successes and really giving listeners a sincere lens into who he is.

There’s plenty of songs to dive into over the last couple of year from Trap Dickey once we get you hooked and he’s got an EP on the way shortly to really start putting the world’s attention what’s coming out of a small South Carolina town. To say we’re excited to follow along with Trap Dickey’s journey from here would be an understatement. Let us put you on notice before he pops up on your feed more and more

Produced By

Loko La'Flare

Release Date

August 2, 2023


Hartsville, SC

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