Blue Hour
Aimless Nights (EP)

Meeting at San Diego State, Blue Hour formally developed in early 2022 and seized every opportunity available to perform shows, even without any released music. Generating small waves in the local music scene by rocking out at house shows and trusting TikTok’s algorithm, they landed ashore on Arcy Drive’s radar early on in their career. Now, Blue Hour has opened for Arcy Drive twice, their debut song “July” sits at over 83,000 streams, and their debut EP Aimless Nights was just released a couple weeks ago

Aimless Nights integrates indie-rock and sunshine pop, creating that distinguishable feel-good, California summer sound. In just under 18 minutes, you elevate from the walls of your room to a vision of yourself cranking the volume to the max, rolling the windows down, and stepping on the gas. The catchy guitar riffs, warm drumming, and light bass lines flawlessly contrast the exceptional musical breakdowns, raw lyrics, and raspy vocals established throughout the 5-track EP. The head engineer at Jazzcats Studio, Jonny Bell, provides the icing on the cake with his production expertise. Witnessing casual listeners turn into buzzing fans drawn to their bright, electrifying sound, Blue Hour is taking it fan by fan and we can’t wait to watch them grow.

Produced By

Jonny Bell

Release Date

July 28, 2023


San Diego, California

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