West 22nd
All The Way Home (EP)

Moving out of their hometowns to attend UT Austin, West 22nd is the result of 5 avid music lovers finding each the comfort of home within each other. By fusing the sound from their various upbringings, West 22nd introduces its distinctive twist on indie folk rock and coastal country with great panache – steering away from a monotonous tone.

Formed only just last year, right on the grounds of UT Austin, West 22nd has quickly become the music buzz of campus; playing frat parties and winning Battle of the Bands to open for Remi Wolf this past spring. And they just reached another benchmark with the release of their debut EP. All The Way Home embraces mesmerizing rhythms that skyrocket dopamine levels through the roof. The five tracks consist of beautiful guitar melodies, buttery drumming patterns, and rebellious musical breakdowns – all layered underneath Logan Madsen’s raw euphonious voice. Grasping onto their roots, hence the title of their EP, West 22nd highlights themes of nostalgia, coming of age, and young love. Capturing the essence of summer road trip adventures, listeners sunbathe in their scorching, radiant sound. 

West 22nd has been on a roll this year for their debut single ‘Sunburns’, which came out mid-April, is already sitting at over 260K streams on Spotify. With gaining 56K monthly Spotify listeners in just a couple of months, we are certain these boys are the next big thing.

Produced By

West 22nd

Release Date

August 18, 2023


Austin, TX

Spotify Monthly Listeners


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