Jasper Dean
how to never disappoint anyone ever again

At just their 2nd release of 2023, Jasper Dean invites you to their hyperpop-y, cinematic sonic universe. Reminiscent of underscores, and Brakence, Jasper takes influence in their music, but completely alters it to fit their own sonic scene.

“how to never disappoint anyone ever again” has tense climactic moments, that could best be described in similarity to opening a shaken up sprite can or adding a mento to a liter bottle of Coke and watching it explode.

The satisfying fizz Jasper brings is not easily replicable, and perhaps what makes this release so special.

Throughout the song, it feels as if you’re heart is racing, but not in a lane similar to songs like “Supercut” by Lorde, in a way that feels reassuring, euphoric, tense and alleviating while also playing with your heartstrings a little bit. Their execution of call and response in the production, feels confident, and done in a fresh way.

Jasper Dean is definitely someone to look out for in 2023.

Produced By

jasper dean

Release Date

September 1, 2023


Detroit, MI

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