Newcomer Kenya Grace is on pace to have a hit with “Strangers”

At the tail end of last year, UK native Kenya Grace popped up on our radar, as it did for a very many frequent Tik Tok users when she was sitting on her bed, finger tapping on her Maschine drum machine while also singing her then yet to be released song “Afterparty Lover”. We posted her on here and tried to tell you all early on (per usual), but it was her then Tik Tok success that really put her on the map. But unlike many others, Kenya proved she could do it again and again. Her 2nd single “Meteor” followed a similar path of her short form, bedroom live performance content creating the buzz and now her 3rd single “Strangers” that she first teased in July has finally been released and it’s EXPLODING.

As all her music has been to this point, “Strangers” is also self-produced, and follows along her self-cemented style of Drum n Bass rhythms meeting addictive topline melodies. With all that leeway before the song was actually released, it created the firestorm among Tik Tok of eager fans waiting for its proper release and loads of people using that Tik Tok sound in the meantime. Currently at 190k unique videos made to the sound, the recent release of the song has only sped things up. It’s already debuted on the UK charts at #20 and with the song steadily gaining with each passing day, this one’s got the chance to be a true hit song from an artist that was pretty unknown a year ago.

@kenyagracebaby Replying to @ari thanku so much for the love on this song 🥹🥹🖤 #songwriter #femaleproducer #drumandbass ♬ original sound – kenyagrace