money body

The rising bby arch that has unfolded since their emergence in August has been crazy to track. It started with a searing debut on “hotline”, their bass-heavy dopamine bomb that kicked up a tidal wave of momentum for the 5-piece outfit. It continued to evolve with a music video documenting raw footage of an intimate house show. Mixing in audio of the crowd singing the lyrics back to them and breathless echoes of mic feedback, bby put out an unexpected rendition of “hotline” that no one was ready for. And now, the plot thickens with new single “money body” which bby cryptically teased on Instagram, “putting this on Spotify for 10 days just cos.”

“money body” is a song they wrote about OnlyFans, but it’s surprisingly romantic. Always opening their tracks with hard-hitting and addictive basslines, “money body” will draw you in with garage-reminiscent riffs and a head rush of sonics swimming beneath. Lead Singer Benjy Gibson has an innate ability to shift from soft-spoken reveries to euphoric yells, making bby a master of tension that builds as each track progresses. He sings, “Even if you’re crushin’, that don’t matter to me. Yeah I know you got some money, spend your money on me.” As a former indie kid, listening to bby feels like a revival of my favorite sound, but this time cut from the experience of my own generation.

Produced By

Benjy Gibson, Tommaso Medica & Itamar Lapidot

Release Date

September 12, 2023


London, UK

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