Yoshi T.

There could be a fine line when it comes to sounding similar to a huge, momentous artist. But fans are always able to sniff out the stuff that feels like a carbon copy with no originality from the stuff that uses that bigger artist as influence to find a similar, yet different enough sound. Yoshi T. is in the perfect spot, his gruff voice and smooth flow is so obviously similar to Mac Miller’s tone, but at the same time I’d never mistake a Yoshi T. song for a Mac Miller song. Add on to the fact that Yoshi T. is from a much different background, with much different stories to tell. The first generation Japanese American adds much of his culture to the bars you’re hearing in front of you, as well as his experiences as a New York native and you get a taste of both worlds in his music videos as well.

Yoshi’s a big piece of a fun new crop of New York artists, working closely with friends like Cisco Swank, Jackson August and many more, there’s an infectious “bro’s having fun with this music shit” that exudes through every song. His 2022 song “MCQUEEN” was Yoshi’s first big moment, a song that’s now sitting at over 1 million streams on Spotify alone and “F* TASTE” is his latest song, that’s picking up some steam and following in the same direction but it’s still just the beginning for a really new intriguing new face with boundless potential.

Produced By

Yoshi T.

Release Date

September 6, 2023


New York, NY

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