Nishant Karvinkop

How have you been able to find the best talent in the industry?

I’ve been digging for music on the internet since 2011 when I was based in India, and I started out in the industry as a freelance/volunteer/remote writer at a blog called Hillydilly in 2012. Hillydilly at that time was an independent blog that was known to be a music discovery site for fans, but it also developed the reputation for being extremely early in finding and writing about artists that go on to have thoroughly successful careers. One of the reasons the founder of Hillydilly, Chad, wanted me on board was because of my ability to find some of the most exciting young, unknown artists in the pop and alternative space. During my time at Hilldyilly which spanned all the way to 2020, we discovered some now-massive acts such as Billie Eilish Lorde, Kygo, Daniel Caesar, Halsey, Dominic Fike and many more. The methods I used to find these artists varied, whether that’s going through different social media platforms, all the music streaming platforms, all the visual streaming platforms, all the curators, word of mouth, the list is endless.

How have you helped them grow and succeed?

As a daily music journalist between 2012-2017, I realized in 2018 I wanted to be a bigger part of artists’ careers and kept closer to the artists I found. I started working for No Borders based out of India in 2018, where the founder let me take charge on the music journalism side of the company as well as start pursuing a way to help artists as well. So I began reaching out to artists I found after writing about them and guided them through the industry any way I could. This led to some great opportunities that combined journalism and music, and I found myself helping artists build full fledged management, booking, creative and legal teams through my recommended connections, that eventually led to some incredibly successful, budding careers now.

Describe some of the successes of your discovered talent?

A few current successes that I’ve played a big role in include the artists dhruv and hemlocke springs. I knew and found dhruv way back in 2019 when he first released his music, completely independent, in college with no team at all. In early 2021 Dhruv had a few songs out and started to see a slight uptick in streaming numbers on his first song ‘double take’. At that time he had no help whatsoever with what to do next, so I helped him find a label and management team with a music company I have close relations with called Little Worry. With mine and Little Worry’s help, we marketed dhruv’s single into global success, as the song started to enter Billboard Global Charts, and was at one point the 64th most streamed song daily (1.5million streams a day) in the world. The success with dhruv not only changed his career path completely, it set him up to do music full time, and had an incredibly fruitful 2022 going on tour with Joji, selling out his own headline US tour, touring Asia, as well seeing his fanbase grown tenfold. Ive continued to help dhruv in multiple ways which include creative direction, artist development (gave advice/input and feedback to help finish his album), and marketing as well.

hemlocke springs is a North Carolina based artist I got in touch with in Jan 2022. I was a huge fan of her music since late 2021, and we clicked from a working standpoint almost immediately. I guided hemlocke springs to her now management Little Worry.. Again, with Little Worry, we spent the last year helping Hemlocke release her debut project that performed incredibly well, and received high praise from the likes of Doja Cat, Steve Lacy, Timbaland, and many more A list artists. On the music publication world she received constant support throughout the year from the likes of Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, NME, The Needle Drop, i-D and many more. Her 2024 is looking extremely strong now, as she tours in Australia in February and begins the release of her debut album as well.

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