Ur 4 Sale

With an origin story dating back to college, Vindigo got their start in the Bay Area before making the collective jump to Los Angeles. Their new release “Ur 4 Sale” is a turning point for Vindigo as lyricist and lead singer Dakota Brubaker dives into darker thematics that muse on the downfall of the 9-5 rat race. Between the rapturous riffs, stark frenzy of percussion, and uninhibited vocals, “Ur 4 Sale” feels like shedding the dead weight of a suit jacket off your shoulders. Lorenzo Chiodo and his self-made guitar kick in with an ominous buzz swimming beneath the verses before climaxing over their circuit-breaker chorus.

While it could have been their creative outlook on building a fanbase, from roots planted in house shows to their free t-shirt by mail campaign for early listeners that made them initially noteworthy, it’s undeniable songs like “Ur 4 Sale” that are bound to bring the brand new band to new heights. With their debut EP just around the corner, the seconds are dwindling down to stake your early claim on the rising Vindigo story arch.

Produced By

Sejo Navajas (of Vindigo)

Release Date

October 13, 2023


Bay Area, CA

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