my friend's toyota

As with so many artists, asiris didn’t just start making music a few weeks ago, the Virginia-based college student has been making music for years, he released a full album in 2022, amongst other singles but his life’s been changing drastically over the last couple of months. And as in nearly every story like this, we have Tik Tok and Instagram reels to thank for that drastic change. He caught some traction behind his last single “Mi Amor” but the response to his short form content for latest single ‘my friend’s Toyota’ has been staggering

Behind a slew of asiris’ own Tik Toks and one mountainside one that really caught virality on instagram and truly encapsulated how the song feels in visual form as he ran down a deserted mountainside road with the song blasting; Asiris now has all the makings of an incredible new artist who’s got a burgeoning fanbase forming. And for great reason, asiris has a strikingly captivating voice. With a brakence-type grit to his voice and a wonderful vibrato, it’s no wonder that ears have been flocking to this song like bees to honey.

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October 13, 2023


Austin, TX

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