Everything Can Levitate (EP)

Produced By

Tdogg, Parker Jazz, HARZ, OHTEE, 6makxs, chef9thegod, vvspipes, TC, Cool Poodle & eliyf

Reminiscent of more popular artists like Yung Pinch and even some lesser-known rappers like 909memphis, Oshua has definitely made a name for himself with his newest project, an EP titled “Everything Can Levitate”. He is currently living in Australia but has been all over the globe as he was born in Canada and grew up in South Africa. Although he has only been around dropping music since early 2020, Oshua has managed to carve out a lane that has not really been tapped into for a while now. The EP features a plethora of hard-hitting beats with clever lyrics and catchy flows that make for a multitude of infectious tracks. The standout record, “Veins” revolves around a spacy beat with Oshua delivering a raspy but sonically pleasing vocal performance. However, songs like “Liu Kang” and “Samurais n Shoguns” prove that he is able to switch it up while maintaining consistency throughout the duration of the project.

With just a few years under his belt, Oshua has managed to receive cosigns from both Young Thug and Denzel Curry through live music reviews on Instagram and Clubhouse. In the near future look for him to follow this EP with a slew of visuals, the first of which is set to be filmed in Tokyo sometime early next year. With a fresh take on a familiar style, Oshua is looking to make waves with the genre he calls, “float music”. For now, I definitely recommend checking out the video for “Veins” which shows off how artistic and forward-thinking he really is. The totality of Oshua’s career so far shows me that there are no signs of him slowing down in the near future.

Release Date

October 27, 2023

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Australia/South Africa

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