Talking Points

We here at Fashionably Early have several talking points to go over, one being the great potential of New York’s next big thing. The noise of Talking Points has crashed onto the shore of our radar – and we’re here to put them onto yours. Their second release “Last Licks” was featured in our Fashionably Early playlist and it got us initially hooked, but now they’ve got us flying back like a “Boomerang” to their 3rd ever single.

“Boomerang” perfectly captures that feeling of adolescence nostalgia every indie fan fantasizes about. Within seconds of listening to their unique sound, casual listeners transition into fans who are wondering why Talking Points isn’t selling out venues yet. The track starts with isolated guitar riffs, which slowly build up into a transcendent musical breakdown. Jack Pilon’s beautiful vocals add the perfect touch to the track, balancing your body back into homeostasis. Mike Watts adds the cherry on top with his production expertise, essentially crafting the vision of the song into reality. It’s very early in the band’s journey, but they tick all the necessary boxes and we’re riding shotgun on the Talking Points bandwagon.

Produced By

Mike Watts

Release Date

November 2, 2023


Long Island, NY

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