okay coleman!

Artist, producer, DJ, and overall creative okay coleman! is back with an extremely well-put-together EP titled “AM I IN CONTROL?”. Coleman has been around since 2016, dropping many beats along with mixes of popular songs from time to time. In 2019, he began dropping music by himself and with rap group CMMND headlined by Coleman and notable Bay Area rappers Seji Oda and sleepyboybryan. I’ve had the pleasure of being a fan of Coleman’s music for a little over a year now after hearing about him when we both went to UCLA. However, that was over a year ago and he has only been improving since then, dropping a slew of singles including the standout single “Agave” and a project with CMMND leading up to the release of this EP.

This all culminated in the release of “AM I IN CONTROL” on November 10 featuring a tracklist of six songs. Right off the bat, you can tell Coleman leveled up with the intro track which features a dreamy beat over pleasantly sounding introspective vocals in which he recollects his struggles with control in all aspects of life. As mentioned in the title, this theme of control is present throughout the whole EP specifically when Coleman comments on his love life or the way he feels viewed by others. The remaining tracks are a mix of Rap and R&B with a lot of Jazz and Soul influences similar to artists like Smino, Saba, and Aminé but with his own twist. The two standout tracks in my opinion are “Tulips” and “Agave” both just as well-written, produced, and executed as the other. If you are looking for a harder-hitting lyrical track with the same smooth twist check out “When the Moon Falls”. Look for Coleman to gain even more buzz as an upcoming artist within the next few months. He has already amassed a solid following on Instagram through a combination of his music and DJ mixes, even getting a repost by Janet Jackson. Although okay coleman! has been at it for a few years now, his career is just getting started.

Produced By

okay coleman!, D'Artizt & STR33T

Release Date

November 10, 2023


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