act i: stickerz "99"

It’s been a slow but steady build behind 4batz debut single “Act I: Stickers “99” that he dropped in June. We had him on our Fashionably Early playlist back in September and a load of other Tik Tok curators and music influencers as well stumbled upon the brand new face around the same time. The song’s climbed to over 700k streams on Spotify alone since June, but the release a couple days ago of his “From The Block” performance of the song is blowing up the song to a whole other level, racking up a few million Tik Tok views from a few separate clips in just these last 3 days.

His pitched up, Brent Faiyaz akin, soft voice has new fans and listeners hooked like a clothing hanger. But he’s not reliant on pitching voice up, his natural voice is perhaps even crisper. This all is surely proof that a rollout can still be potent months after release, and it’s got us and so many others anxiously anticipating single #2.

Produced By

Nic Dreams

Release Date

June 27, 2023


Atlanta, GA

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