The World I'm Searching For (EP)

The influence of Fred Again cannot be understated, not only with helping revive dance music, but he’s been a guiding hand in uplifting plenty of amazing artists. And recently he’s been including jams from a rising French sibling duo named Jersey in his live sets. The brothers have been gaining a lot of traction as of lot and once you hear their music you will immediately know why. A typical Jersey track features a mix of UK Garage and House that’s injected with bountiful, danceable energy. Utilizing a high BPM and infectious samples allows for Jersey to be the life of any party they DJ, including many of their own crazy parties they throw in France. These are typically documented through their TikTok’s that have an impressively high level of video editing to elevate the experience viewers have with their music.

Their newest release is an EP titled, “The World I’m Searching For” featuring 6 songs, each making you want to jump higher than the last as you can see by the raucous crowd they piled into a Parisian apartment. The sound the boys have crafted seems to be starting to take over the UK dance scene and with many industry leaders taking notice, it’s only a matter of time before they take over the US.

Produced By


Release Date

November 17, 2023


Paris, France

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