Andrea Bejar

We first came across Andrea Bejar back in February when she dropped her single “Despierto”. She’d already created a buzz for herself even before releasing that single; mainly through her self-recorded videos singing covers. But since then things have grown even more exponentially as Andrea sits at over 175k followers on Instagram now and double that on Tik Tok.

She’s shown off her bilinguality on her past songs but “Sunlight” really doesn’t take those same risks, it’s a more stripped back tune that fully demonstrates Andrea’s purely gorgeous voice; a voice that’ll have you gripped to every word she’s singing. The introspective tune takes a personal dive into beauty standards and chaotic memories of hers whilst growing up and figuring out who she is. She’s really just singing to her younger self, something many can relate to. Garnering more and more buzz, we are eagerly waiting for the release of her debut EP and can’t wait to hear the stories she shares with the world through it.

Produced By

Richard Pichura

Release Date

November 15, 2023



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