bumpercar (EP)

Harper Gordon is quite the musical jack of all trades coming out of the Toronto area. Growing up immersed in the diverse sounds of jazz, rock, and soul, Harper’s multifaceted talent shines through his work, which mainly got going as a producer and writer; landing big placements for other artists. Boasting collaborative efforts with renowned artists such as Burna Boy, Vince Staples, Billy Lemos, Russ, Charlotte Cardin, and more as well as producing quite a few songs for some of our other up and coming Toronto favorites such as Nia Nadurata, Seago and Tino Sutra, harper has made quite the dent over the last couple years. But it’s harper’s solo music that’s even more astounding and deserving of a massive audience, much larger than the 42k monthly listeners he’s currently sitting at.

Just this week harper unveiled his sophomore EP, “bumpercar,” featuring his three latest singles, “styrofoam,” “milkshake poem,” and “out of place,” alongside a captivating new track, “bumpercar.” Each song is trademarked by harper’s beautifully mellow voice and they’re just all magnificently written songs. His commitment to authentic sonics and evocative sounds is easy to percept in his music, aligning perfectly with the emotions his songs evoke in the audience. As we witness Harper’s artistic journey unfold, there’s an eager anticipation to see him grow and continue to captivate us with his many talents.

Produced By

harper & Reg Gordon

Release Date

December 6, 2023


Toronto, Canada

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