Michael Marcagi
The Other Side

It’s been quite the year for Americana folk with artists like Zach Bryan and Noah Kahan leading the pack, topping the charts and further inspiring a mass drove of singer/songwriter disciples. There’s surely been a whole boom of new artists flooding my Tik Tok feed mainly inspired by the two of them but while newcomer Michael Marcagi surely falls under that umbrella, he stood out from the crowd immediately when I first heard him. With only two months of TikTok videos under his belt but millions of total views and 3k+ unique videos made to a different song than this one that’s still unreleased; he’s already generated plenty of excitement for his warm vocals and perspective on the mundaneness of suburban life.

Hailing from Ohio, banjo in-hand, Michael Marcagi is far from an amateur when it comes to this music thing. He’s been making music with friends of his in the Cincinnati area for a while now, most notably as the lead man of a band called The Heavy Hours. And this further just shows off the life changing power of Tik Tok. Michael had been living a pretty normal life, running a local design company with his friends while always making music on the side and as more of a hobby. But the right stroke of Tik Tok luck and smart promotion has truly kicked off the beginning of a fresh new music career. New fans are flooding the Tik Tok comments and a&rs are flooding his dms and things are only going to go up from here. The hype is at an all time high and it’s bound to continue to grow as today marks the release of his first solo single, “The Other Side,” an immediate add on your roadtrip playlist.

Produced By

David Baron

Release Date

December 11, 2023


Cincinnati, OH

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