Juliet Ivy is Having an Enormous Moment Right Now

Juliet Ivy’s not a new name to us or many others that are doing their due diligence and staying tapped in. She’s been building up all year; we covered her earlier this year when she dropped “lug” which you can also find on her debut EP ‘playpen’ that dropped in November. But she reached an absolutely massive new audience last week, primarily from an Instagram reel posting of a live performance video featuring new song “we’re all eating each other” while rocking her now signature butterfly guitar. The biggest video reaching over 1 Million likes on Instagram.

Her EP ‘playpen’ consists of five catchy indie/bedroom pop tracks with some elements of DNB involved that will all want to make you drive with the windows down belting the lyrics with your friends. Especially such a whimsical, fun-loving tune like “bestfriend“ that you’re hearing above. With a free-flowing beat coupled with smooth, buttery vocals that convey Juliet’s feelings of carefreeness and living life the way you want to, fitting perfectly with the instrumental, she just know how to make an ear worm of a song. She has already ended her 2023 on a tear and we have no doubts that she will continue to blossom into a star as we head into the new year.