focal point

Fans of Smino, Jordan Ward, and Dominic Fike, allow me to introduce you to dhruvy, a 19-year-old music industry major at Drexel dropping some great music I guarantee you haven’t heard. Just a few days ago he released his most recent single, “focal point” which is only his third song out on Spotify and Apple Music. What makes dhruvy stand out is his intuitive touch and ability to take something familiar and make it feel fresh. The unorthodox production mixed with his almost robotic-toned voice shows he is capable of constructing both sides of the song to create something that embodies his full artistic vision.

I was able to talk to dhruvy and gain more insight on the creative process of the track and what it meant to him. After he was able to gain access to a Monte Booker drum kit, dhruvy crafted the beat and sat on it for months until he came back from a trip to Miami with a newfound inspiration for the record. “focal point” is meant to act as a specific but relatable ballad on his prior relationship experiences. The goal was to make the lyrics simple and nonchalant but also to encompass the unique experiences he’s had that the listener may also be dealing with. When speaking on his influences he told me that, “they are supposed to be evident but at the same time I spin them in a way that’s refreshing to hear because it’s me and nobody else”.

With the music video dropping on December 22nd and a handful of singles planned out in the coming months, look for dhruvy to have a very productive 2024.

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December 12, 2023


New Jersey

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