Rookie Mistake
Fortune Cookie

Desperate for an answer to their life problems, Rookie Mistake rummages through the empty bag from their Chinese takeout and cracks open every fortune cookie they can find. As they read the small paper within, they find themselves relating more to the cookie than the contents of the vague message – hollow on the inside. They’re no longer sober, denying getting older, and feel like everything isn’t alright. Hungry for more, they decide to take a bite out of “the Big Apple” with the release of their debut single.

Keeping up with the fast pace of the city that never sleeps, the four-piece band has been running around the streets of New York City playing small clubs. As well as keeping up with the rowdy pace of the wonderful SUNY college system playing packed house shows. Sticking to these roots, the unfiltered vocals and frenetic breakdowns throughout the track emphasizes their authenticity. Their electrifying and catchy sound has listeners buzzing about their transparency.

Forming only two years ago, it’s crystal clear Rookie Mistake’s musical journey has just begun. It’s rough around the edges but it really adds to the authentic charm the band has. We can’t wait to hear more of them as they continue to blossom.

Produced By

Rookie Mistake

Release Date

December 1, 2023


New York, NY

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