Dive Bar Named Nirvana

Dogpark is the band that you found at 10k monthly, told your friends about, and then months later- they sell out a show in your college town, or the closest adjacent city to it, and you think to yourself, “Hmm should I have gate kept this band?” Dogpark is the band you show your mom, and for once she agrees that “this band hits different.”

“Dive Bar Named Nirvana” by Dogpark perfectly rejuvenates an early 2000s band vibe and encapsulates the energy you crave going into 2024. Dogpark’s effortless syncopation, funky bass lines, and ear-wormy hooks have you either consistently bopping your head or tapping your foot to the rhythm of the song.

At only two releases, they have already sold out notable venues such as The Mercury Lounge in NYC. Their energy is easily translatable and infectious from a DSP to your ears, and then, into the chemical makeup of your brain- something not only hard to do, but once done, is addicting. Dogpark is gonna have a huge year in 2024, and we cannot wait for it.

Produced By

John Samuel Gerhart

Release Date

November 24, 2023


Richmond, VA

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