Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats has been Quietly Releasing Music Under a New Name “Jerry”

The Tyler the Creator/Odd Future coaching tree has been so successfully expansive in the 15 years or so since its birth in LA. One of the founding members, Hodgy Beats was always and still is one of the most talented gems of the collective and he’s truly proving that with a new reemergence and transformation into a new sound and a new moniker; jerry.

He quietly delivered two EPs to close out 2023 and we are addicted. Both EPs feature 3 different songs and just off the audio alone you would literally never guess this was Hodgy Beats. Departing from his lyrically skilled rapping, he now explores a singer/songwriter style with less bars and more melodic and deep tracks about his life journey. Stylistically akin to Frank Ocean perhaps more than anyone with this new sound, jerry really fiddles with vocal layers and emotion-filled crooning to create some truly beautiful tracks. With an 18-track LP coming, I can see the rebranding of Jerry being a huge success and we’re in the front row rooting for him.