claire nichols
stars crossed

Colorado native, NYC based Claire Nichols has quite the natural knack for melody math. Her latest single, “stars crossed” reminisces on a draining situation-ship that exudes ear-wormy melody lines along the backdrop of Julia Michaels-y meets Lennon Stella production.

A songwriter at heart, Claire nails down the modern-day pop single with not only “stars crossed” but in previous singles like “Waste of a Summer” too. Claire has a way being relatable in a way that makes you second guess if you’ve had the same situation-ship, relationship, or romantic encounter in general. Her tonality and cadence in “stars crossed” has you replaying certain sections so you can hear and take in the lyric/ line again.

Her strong harmonic content, pin-pointed (and often times quirky) lyricism, and replay-able hooks give her strong footing in the pop community. We are so excited to see what she gets up to in 2024 (hopefully write the next hit).

Produced By

Alton Sato

Release Date

January 12, 2024


Denver, CO

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