Marlon Funaki
She Knows How To Say My Name

Marlon Funaki is sweeping the West Coast live circuit under his thumb with a tireless roster of shows driven by unapologetic passion. It’s this drive that’s guided him to chase his childhood dream of pursuing music. From high school house shows to naming his ‘22 album ‘Monterey Village’ after the apartment complex he grew up in, it’s no question that Funaki has wanted this for a long time. And there’s been some real steady momentum building towards making that dream his reality over the past year. His five 2023 single releases and now his newest single “She Knows How To Say My Name” have all organically grown his monthly listener count past 120k and still rising.

“She Knows How To Say My Name” is yet another high point for Marlon as pairs a seamlessly hypnotic riff with his reputable gritty vocal. These stream of conscious riffs and descending bass lines that swim beneath the surface enable Funaki’s vocal to hit a perfect precision of contrast. Juxtaposing softly subliminal interludes with eruptive belts, he’s only able to get away with it because of his traveling, ever-present sonics beneath. As a lyricist, Marlon continues to impress with vivid glimpses into the moments that define him, giving us just enough to implant our own memories and relate wholeheartedly. Marlon Funaki keeps setting the bar higher as he progresses as an artist; see why for yourself on his new single.

Produced By

Marlon Funaki

Release Date

January 26, 2024


Redlands, CA

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