Speaking Out Loud

Up more than 100k monthly listeners since we first covered him about 6 months ago, it’s still not too late to grab your early bird ticket on JEV as he comes back stronger than ever with his newest single, “Speaking Out Loud”.

It would be a diminishment to call JEV just feel good music. He falls into interesting sonic lanes within the electronic genre, that not only pursue innovation, intention, but ultimately foster his strong production capabilities. JEV’s music is the type you not only bounce your head to in the shower, easily taking the risk for a slip and fall because the vibe is just too good to stop, but also the type you proudly put on aux in front of the music critiques in your friend group who are over-honest about your favorite song, to ultimately impress them with your eclectic taste. This is that song. JEV’s visuals and sonic environment, fall in line perfectly. The bright colors correlate with the bright tonalities to create such an addictive song. Whether it’s a Tik Tok hit, or some festival bookings or other successes, it’s on the horizon for JEV and we can’t wait to continue to follow along on his journey.

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Release Date

February 2, 2024


Bay Area, CA

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