UCHE YARA is cool. Frankly, the coolest. UCHE’s genre is in a completely unique lane, not to mention it does clearly state in “no genre <3” in her Spotify bio. Sure there is a rock influence, and “Sophie” continues to prove the endless, amazing capabilities of blurring sonic boundaries. It’s clear that UCHE paints the highway lines a bright color in own terms, making a clear auditory distinction / lane.

Refreshing would be an understatement to describe UCHE. It’s not only that, but bold- like one of those large soda machines you find in the midwest that let you combine ginger ale with orange vanilla flavor. UCHE makes the statement that limitations in music are a mindset, and really, music is a playing field with the rules you make, on the spot, or through experience. “Sophie” lathers you in nostalgia, while smothering you with the new, unexpected adventure you’re about to take.

While her catalogue is real short so far, UCHE YARA is on track to have a huge year. Already catching the Lorem bug, love from NME and a spot on the Pitchfork Festival lineup in London, she’s racked up some amazing accolades and a fervor from early fans and industry folk from just 3 songs released thus far. And as an Austrian native now residing in one of the creative epicenters of Europe, Berlin; it’s quite telling that her top two Spotify audience locations are in the US and a top five that spans the world. Stands to say that UCHE YARA is a global force with a reckoning surely on the way.

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November 7 2023



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