Borbón Pink
On Time

Borbón Pink is tired of always needing to be “On Time”. He is constantly running to cross the finish line even though tells himself he doesn’t care. Based in the United Kingdom, the sound of this 26-year-old indie-alternative artist has traveled across the sea to the United States.

Taking influences from other genres like R&B and pop to create a mellow ambiance, each stream has listeners hooked. It’s perfect for all of your niche playlists. The track has an overall feel-good energy, and you can’t help but enjoy it. The melodic bass lines, refreshing electric guitar riffs, and layered vocals bring the song to life. The mastermind behind the production, Stevie Dutch, uses his expertise to craft the vision of the song into reality.

With a new release each year, this song would be Borbón Pink’s third song available on streaming platforms. As he currently sits at less than 2K monthly listeners, we are positive that number will be exponentially growing.

Produced By

Stevie Dutch

Release Date

February 9, 2024


Bristol, United Kingdom

Spotify Monthly Listeners


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