Sydney Ross Mitchell
Next Time

If Olivia Rodrigo’s strong, narrative tone, and Zach Bryan’s tasteful, Americana production were to blend, the result would be none other than Sydney Ross Mitchell herself.

Originally from Lubbock, TX, Sydney’s country roots sliver through her recent folk dream pop soundscape. In “Next Time”- Sydney mellowly croons of authenticity, bleeds of honesty, and exposes unrequited love. Though one can sing something with a good tone and pleasant cadence, Sydney’s voice strikes different, as she cuts through the track like glass, leaving goose bumps- as well as reflecting favorable folk pop traits in her vocal.

SRM has a play-it-again and did-you-hear-that in her voice and lyrical brevity. You find yourself with the battle of, do I replay this one line or do I patiently wait till the last minute of the song to listen again- once again proving how delightfully hypnotic and captivating she is. We truly cannot wait to see what she gets up to in 2024.

Produced By

Miron Jacov Binder

Release Date

February 15, 2024


Lubbock, TX

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